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About the project


This is an Arts Council of England funded community art project launched as part of Liverpool Independents Biennial 2021.

It was dreamt up by Dr Alan Dunn to celebrate some hidden narratives around three Liverpool City Region locations near where he lives on the Wirral peninsula – Spital, New Ferry and Port Sunlight. He invited artists to research the areas, chatted with locals and edited stories down to FOUR WORDS that encourage us all to look beyond the surfaces.

For photos of the project in development and to see other people's screengrabs, see #fourwordswirral on social media and visit : www.alandunn67.co.uk/fourwordswirral.html

The artists:

Phaedra HardstaffSteve HardstaffMalik Al NasirThe Singh TwinsAlan Dunn & Port SunlightNew Ferry Community Land TrustJoseph CotgraveAlan Dunn & the dog walking community of Dibbinsdale Local Nature Reserve, SpitalJo Lansley & the Dibbinsdale

Thanks To:

Special thanks to Mark, Sharon and Margaret of New Ferry CLT and credit for the New Ferry murals referenced in the project to Simon Crabtree (Simple Credit), Paul Curtis (artist) and Jo Bird (Councillor), Colin Dilnot, Rob Gandy (ghost stories), Friends of Dibbinsdale, Mark Evans (owl story), Scirard Lancelyn-Green, Paul Kelly, Brigitte Jurack, Poulton Lancelyn and Spital Residents Facebook Group, Dave Lay and all at the Port Sunlight Village History Group, Lynne Corlett (Pete Burns blessing), Marion Grundy Ridewood, Peter Miller, Alan Smail, Wirral Ranger Service, Agnes Dunn (proof-reading), Laura Brown and Patrick Kirk-Smith (Independents Biennial), all at Field especially Jonny, Jake and Andy, and all the dog walkers of the Dibbinsdale including Lulu, Colin/Ann/Molly/Claude, Hilary/Max/Tilly/Hatty, Alex/Molly, Steve/Hugo, Rolph/Diesel, Lesley/Ozzie, Maureen/Minky/Bramble/Thistle, Peter/Karen/Saffi, Phil/Helen/Dexter/Poppy, Sharon/Paul/Scout, Bill/Jack, Neill/Bailey, Steve/Olly, Lindsay/Chris/Dotty/Roo, Jackie/Charlie, Kev/Charlie, Dave/Lenny, June, Dave/Max/Dougal, Charlotte/Ron, Steve/Rita/Zak/Indy, Julian/Mikyla/Layla, Don/Ann/Bailey, Brian/Pat/Lottie, Billy/Pip, Gill/Dom, Ann/Abby, John/Winston (named after Lennon, not Churchill), Ron/Izzy, Louise/Penny/Gatsby/Buddy/Lola, Tembo, TJ, Little Walt, Archie, Che, Scooby, Fudge and Barry/Lynn/Barnie/Mason/Mojo.